Virginia Macari, designer & actress

Virginia Macari, designer & actress

Virginia Macari, a fashion designer and television personality, was born in Dublin to Italian parents.  She has designed for some of the biggest celebrities in the world and has been featured in British Vogue and many of the leading publications in Ireland.

Virginia has also appeared in many television shows in Ireland and Italy and starred as the leading role in “Doll” a film by Italian director Paolo Borza. Well known for her glamorous style and wicked sense of humour herewith she reflects on more humble aspects of life …

Because I am a girl I ask …why every girl that is born in this world can’t enjoy the same privileges I had growing up. Every girl deserves an education, health-care, hopes and dreams and aspirations. They also deserve to have a loving family and great friends like I had that have supported me growing up.

Because I am a girl I believe … that girls should not have to experience stereotypes that limit their right to be themselves. My parents let me be who I wanted to be. They celebrated and nurtured my dreams. I am very thankful of that. Every girl should have the right to express themselves with originality and enthusiasm. Girls have the right to voice their opinions and take risks, strive freely, take pride in their success and gain economic independence.

Because I am a girl I hope … that someday all forms of discrimination against girls will be eliminated and that all harmful and unethical practices regarding female infanticide and sex selection before birth will no longer continue. Discrimination robs girls of the power to make decisions, to earn a living and be free of violence, abuse and exploitation. I hope for every girl to have a productive, good life

Because I am a girl I wonder … if the media is to blame for the obsession in our culture with celebrity and sex. This has been a driver for a considerable amount of toxicity, as girls are sold heavy doses of materialism wrapped in the concept that power comes from fame and appearance, most often associated with being a model, actress, pop star or diva.

Because I am a girl I dream … that someday I will have a little girl of my own. I will bring her up with the same values that my mother taught me. I dream that she will be healthy and happy and live a productive life and not face any discrimination in the work-place and will be treated as an equal. I dream that I will inspire her like my mother inspired me. I dream that she will be a good role model for girls. I hope that she will meet the right person who will treat her with love and respect and hopefully someday have children of her own. Behind every successful and happy person is someone who believed in them, inspired, nurtured and encouraged them to advance and accomplish their dreams. I dream of being as good as my mother was to me.

Because I am a girl I remember … experiencing xenophobia and prejudice in school because of being from a different nationality. It was very difficult at times but this has made me a stronger person. I am proud of who I am and I embrace my heritage.

Because I am a girl I like … to be free. I am independent and I make my own choices. I am also aware that many girls in other societies and cultures are not as lucky as I am. Many young girls and women are forced into slave labor and sex-trafficking. I always pray for these girls and wish our world was without evil and greed.

Because I am a girl I dislike … that in many cultures today a lot of practices like female genital cutting and honor killings are still active. Girls have the right to accept and appreciate their bodies. They have the right to have confidence in themselves and be safe in the world.

Because I am a girl I feel … that every girl has a voice. We should all stand up and speak louder to increase public awareness. We must win the hearts and minds of people who don’t believe in gender equality. We must strengthen the self- image, self-esteem and status of girl children.  I really feel that education is the only real opportunity that societies in poorer countries have to free themselves from the shackles of poverty and ignorance.

Because I am a girl I … am proud to be me. I am a confident, independent, conscious-minded person. I have my parents to thank for giving me a solid, happy up-bringing. I hope to inspire other girls to be strong and believe in their dreams. I hope that someday girls are not confined by any boundaries and given the chances in life that I have been given.

– Virginia Macari

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10 Responses to Virginia Macari, designer & actress

  1. Jane says:

    That is so inspiring Virginia and very heartfelt, thanks for sharing it with us. I think we all take our loving families for granted but after reading your piece it made me think again of how lucky I am …but also makes me feel saddened for all the girls around the world who don’t. Loving your work! x

    • Giovanna says:

      What a touching piece written by Virginia.Unfortunately it is too true ..Women and girls should join forces all around the world as she suggests and demand respect…After all dont men realise that it is a woman who gives them life and sacrifices herself for them.???.Men,if you love your mother, how can you treat women so.!!!

  2. Marisa Mackle says:

    Great reading, Virginia, x

  3. Wayne says:

    That’s so personal and from the heart Virginia, thank you. Can’t believe you got hassle when you were young because of your Italian background … just goes to show prejudice is everywhere.

    You surely are a great role model to every girl and when you have a daughter of your own she will be very lucky to have you as a mother. x x

  4. una williams says:

    Well said Virginia,I have 3 daughters and strive to teach them the values my Mom taught me too,your right too about being bullied it can and does make you stronger in life.
    Its sad to think that there are so many young girls out there in the world who right now are not even being afforded the basics in life,its up to us all to try make a difference in their world,by doing even the smallest of things.
    Thank you Virginia,enjoyed the read.

  5. Denise says:

    Well done to Plan Ireland on this fantastic campaign to highlight the lack of rights and equality that girls experience in the developing world. Its hard to believe that these girls are denied basic human rights such as gender equality, healthcare and education- everything we take for granted every day. Not to mention the horrendous abuse, violence and malnourishment they endure throughout their lives.

    High praise for this blog, I was especially touched by Virginia’s post which is very thought provoking. It certainly made me think twice about my own personal values and why we should all take more action for our global sisters.
    Keep up the great work guys!

  6. Giovanna Macari says:

    Great read Virginia,well done..I know exactly what you went through growing up an Italian in Ireland.Had the same problem.Very widespread in my day.You should write about that next..

  7. Annmarie O'Connor says:

    Excellent blog Virginia.

  8. Sarah says:

    This is my favourite blog out of all. I have enjoyed reading yours so much. It’s hard-hitting but gentle. You seem like a strong beautiful person. Well done Virginia. Congratulations on your success. Keep inspiring others.

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