Kathy Gleeson, DJ etc.

Kathy Gleeson, DJ etc.

Kathy Gleeson is the proud owner of Dublin’s The Vintage Inn and half of the creative force behind  Philosophy of Sound – a live high energy mix of house music, spoken word and live vocals. She has DJed at the Electric Picnic and is a hotpot maker extraordinaire, although she may make you sing for your supper.

Because I am a girl I ask… the universe to provide for the individual. I create a world of ask and you shall receive. Because I am a girl I want all girls to ask. Ask for help. Ask for answers. Ask for love. Ask!

Because I am a girl I believe… anything is possible. I can be whatever I want. I believe what my heart tells me. I believe how my mind guides me. I live in a world of belief and because I am a girl I will never change that.

Because I am a girl I hope… it’s never too late. No matter how much someone may have suffered in their life, I hope they know it is never too late. I hope any girl, anywhere, can keep pushing on through. I hope she knows we are all with her. I live in a world of hope and because I am a girl I will never give up on hope.

Because I am a girl I wonder… about other girls in the world. Our common hopes, dreams and desires. Is there equal opportunities all over the world or is it simply geography and timing that decides our fate? I wonder.

Because I am a girl I dream… everything into being. I dream so big I could never feel small and if I do feel small and things are going wrong, I dream some more! I live in a world where dreams can come true and because I am a girl I want that for all.

Because I am a girl I remember… what my mother always says: ‘t’ain’t the world that’s gone mad, ‘tis the people in it !’ We are the world and we should always remember that. Remember the girls the world over who are struggling through this world in search of the basic human rights we all take for granted – LOVE, SUPPORT, ECONOMY, FREEDOM. REMEMBER!

Because I am a girl I dislike… being taken for a fool – it’s disappointing to say the least. I dislike bearing witness to any injustice or feeling powerless to make a difference. Every girl on this planet can make a difference.

Because I am a girl I like… my life, I could never be a boy, and though I may experience vast emotions and play different roles at different stages in my life, I feel free. Every stage of womanhood brings me closer to personal freedom but I’ll always be a girl, and that’s what I like.

Because I am a girl I feel… empowered. But for every girl who is empowered there is a girl who is not. She hasn’t touched it, felt it, known it. But she knows it’s there, scratching at the surface, bubbling underneath her skin, shining like a torch inside pushing for a new way out. Plan Ireland has made me think about that. Here she comes. She is empowered.

Because I am a girl I… am no more and I am no less than any other living creature in the world. I am the universe. I am the individual. I am a girl.

‘Earth is the place that I live. Love is the space that I give’

– Kathy Gleeson

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One Response to Kathy Gleeson, DJ etc.

  1. Kathy gleeson says:

    I’m Kathy Gleeson too!!!! One life…. Love x

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