Carol Ann Casey, Managing Director

Carol Ann Casey, Managing Director

Carol Ann Casey is Managing Director of CA Consulting Limited (, a human resource compliance business.  Her focus is on HR auditing and best practice HR management as well as on dispute investigation and resolution. She is currently a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, an ambassador of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, a national council member of the Small Firms Association and president of Engineers Toastmasters Club.

Separate to leading CA Consulting Carol Ann is the Independent Adjudicator of the Law Society (

Because I am a Girl I ask… that I am treated as a lady, with dignity and respect as I bestow onto others.

Because I am a Girl I believe… I should have equal opportunities in the diverse world in which I inhibit – no favours just equal rights.

Because I am a Girl I hope… that people, particularly women and children, in the Third World will be treated with equality and respect.  We are all God’s children, whatever God we avow to and we all deserve opportunities to live fair lives and not be marginalised for any reason.

Because I am a Girl I wonder… what road I should take at the fork.  I do not worry.  It is up to me to navigate my opportunities and drive the path chosen to enhance my life to date.  My energy goes where my thoughts go, and that is usually the road I take.

Because I am a Girl I dream… and follow my dreams! I have been given the opportunity to live life and I live it.  When I dream it, I write it and I go about creating it.

Because I am a Girl I remember… if I change the way I look at things, the things I look at change = I am open to opportunities.

Because I am a Girl I like… style: I believe when I look good I feel good, and am proud to be a girl.

Because I am a Girl I dislike… the way women and children are marginalised and treated badly in many third world countries.  I also abhor cruelty to animals.

Because I am a Girl I feel… lucky to live in Ireland.  Irrespective of our challenging economic climate, I still believe we are an outstanding nation, with some amazing human talent. When we talk ourselves down we will be down.  I believe our Attitude determines our Altitude, and we should just get on with living our lives as simply and ethically as possible.

Because I am a Girl I… am extremely thankful for the opportunity of a happy and healthy life in the western world.  I thank and give, even in a small way, on a daily basis which makes my day!

– Carol Ann Casey

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