Deirdre Kennedy, Manager at IBM Ireland

Deirdre Kennedy, Manager at IBM Ireland

Deirdre Kennedy is Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs manager at IBM Ireland, where she is responsible for IBM’s Corporate Responsibility initiatives.  She manages IBM’s education programmes, with particular focus on promoting science, technology, engineering and maths with girls; programmes with not-for-profit organisations and their extensive volunteering programme. Deirdre has been with IBM since 1994, working in internal and external Communications prior to this role.

Deirdre is mother to two young girls for whom she wishes a world of opportunities and happiness.

Because I am a girl I ask… that girls the world over are treated with and treat others with respect.

Because I am a girl I believe… that girls should not expect preferential treatment but should expect equal opportunities.

Because I am a girl I hope… that we can learn from the mistakes of the past and influence the decisions of the future.

Because I am a girl I wonder… at the amazing empathy of women and why that is often perceived as being a negative quality.

Because I am a girl I dream… that my own daughters will live fulfilled and rewarding lives, remain grounded and will never take life for granted.

Because I am a girl I remember… the innocence and freedom I had as a child and feel so sad when I hear of the suffering and injustice of so many young girls.

Because I am a girl I like… that I am fortunate enough to have a job where empathy is a necessary quality!

Because I am a girl I dislike… that there is so much greed and injustice in the world.

Because I am a girl I feel… blessed to have so many women in my life who have laughed with me, cried with me and had a positive influence on my life.

Because I am a girl I… am a daughter, sister, mum, wife, aunt and sister-in-law and very grateful to have the opportunity to be all those things!

– Deirdre Kennedy

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