Linda de Courcy, Nutritional Therapist

Linda de Courcy, Nutritional Therapist and Pilates Instructor

Linda de Courcy is a Dublin girl who gets to work for herself as a Nutritional Therapist and Pilates Instructor.  Always having had an interest in food and how it affects our health, at 7 she persuaded her dad to stop taking sugar in his tea!!  As an adult she became increasingly frustrated at what consumers were being told was healthy and nourishing, and at the constant change in theories as to what was good for us and what was not. Her websites are and

She has sponsored a girl from Burkina Faso for several years with Plan Ireland and has recently started sponsoring another girl from Honduras.  Since learning about the reality of human trafficking Linda has become passionate about raising awareness, prevention and supporting the few girls who are rescued (as the majority, unfortunately, never gain their freedom).

Because I am a Girl I ask… all women to be kind to each other, there is power in kindness to dignify, restore and heal but nothing but destruction in being cruel or bitchy.

Because I am a Girl I believe… that my actions speak louder than words, compassion will move me to help meet a need in someone else’s life.

Because I am a Girl I hope… to make the most of my years on this planet, we only have one life to live and I don’t want to waste mine.  This year I turn 40 (ahh, still sounds weird saying it) and am realising that time waits for no man… or woman.

Because I am a Girl I wonder… why was I fortunate enough to be born in a country, into a family where I was valued regardless of my sex and I pray that one day every girl born on this planet will have the same privilege and opportunity.

Because I am a Girl I dream… of things not yet seen or experienced – the future is bright…

Because I am a Girl I remember… to buy dark chocolate even when it’s not on my shopping list… fair trade of course!!

Because I am a Girl I like… when people are truly themselves and not who they think everyone else wants them to be.  Honesty is so refreshing, who wants to spend time with a clone?

Because I am a Girl I dislike… that there is a group of men on this planet who create a need for the sex trade and particularly human trafficking, forcing children as young as four and five into prostitution – though in reality it’s nothing less than rape. How many thousands of young girls in Asia alone have died from STD’s or AIDS before they reached 20 because they were not valued as human beings, just objects to be bought, sold and then thrown away?

Because I am a Girl I feel… and cry (a lot), this is how I was made so it’s ok; it has been a challenge but I’m learning not to suppress my emotions (which I tried to do for years) just accept them as part of who I am.

Because I am a Girl I… hope every free man and woman will do their part because we each have a part to play.  The needs are overwhelming: only about 1% of trafficked victims are rescued, girls as young as 12 are forced into marriage, genital mutilation is still commonplace, millions of children do not have access to clean water, basic education or adequate food…the list goes on.  BUT if we all do SOMETHING then things will start to change, slowly, yes, but change will come.  We can make the world a better place, one person, one step, one act of kindness at a time. Possibly one of the best ways to start is by sponsoring a child…

– Linda de Courcy

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