Claire Bergin, Olympic athlete

Claire Bergin, Olympic Athlete & Accountant, Deloitte

Claire Bergin is an Olympic athlete and is currently working towards becoming a Chartered Accountant with Deloitte.

Claire competed at the Winter Olympics on the Bobsleigh team last February in Vancouver.  She is also a member of the Irish relay squad who have qualified for the World Championships in Daegu, Korean in August 2011.

Claire spent a summer in Kolkata, India, teaching children English with the Irish charity Suas. She also spent the weekends in college doing Homework Clubs with children from disadvantaged areas, working in a homeless shelter and doing soup runs. In her spare time, Claire loves to go to the cinema, eat out with friends and family and travel around Ireland and the rest of the world.

Claire sponsors Beatrice in Burkina Faso through Plan Ireland and hopes to one day visit her!

Because I am a Girl I ask …others to believe in their own strengths and capabilities

Because I am a Girl I believe …that everyone should strive to achieve their own goals and dreams in life no matter what obstacles are in the way

Because I am a Girl I hope …that I can achieve my own goals in both my sporting and professional careers

Because I am a Girl I wonder…how the world can be a better place, and how I can contribute to this!

Because I am a Girl I dream…of travelling to Africa to explore and learn more about the life and culture there

Because I am a Girl I remember…running around as a little girl, happily and carefree – wishing this for every child in the world

Because I am a Girl I like …sports even if it is not considered to be the norm

Because I am a Girl I dislike …conflict!

Because I am a Girl I feel …comfortable in my own skin!

Because I am a Girl I …believe that impossible is nothing!

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