Jennifer Hough, Journalist

Jennifer Hough, Journalist

Jennifer Hough is a news reporter with the Irish Examiner with a special interest in social affairs. Hailing from Roscommon, she left her native county at 17 and has since lived in the US, New Zealand, the UK and travelled in South and Central America and more recently spent ten days in Sierra Leone.

Jennifer graduated with an MA in journalism from NUIG in 2006 and after a stint at the Galway Advertiser moved to Oxford and worked with the Oxford Mail and Times. After two years in the job she decided to get away from it all and volunteered in a community project in Bolivia for four months. In 2008, Jennifer moved back to Ireland and got a job with the Irish Examiner which brought her to Cork where she has been for the past two and a half years.

Jennifer enjoys travelling, movies, music, surfing and spending time with friends and family.

Because I am a Girl I ask…Are women equal to men in the 21st century and the answer I come up with is no, we are still not equal 

Because I am a Girl I believe…Ireland would not be in the mess it’s in today if it had been ruled by women

Because I am a Girl I hope…That someday women in the middle east and Africa and other third world nations will have freedom and equality

Because I am a Girl I wonder…What it would be like to be a man!  

Because I am a Girl I dream…That one day every country in the world will be ruled by women

Because I am a Girl I remember…It was not so long ago in this country that women were second class citizens

Because I am a Girl I like…chatting with friends, shopping, music, movies, travelling and the great outdoors

Because I am a Girl I dislike…When women are discriminated against just because they are women, forced into arranged marriage, sold into prostitution, forced to become mothers before they have grown up themselves

Because I am a Girl I feel…Very lucky to have grown up in a country where equality has almost been achieved or at least should be possible for every young girl growing up

Because I am a Girl I…believe one day women will rule the world

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  1. Because I’m a Girl I would like my employers to realise that in order for me to succeed, I don’t need to act like a Man. What women bring to the table is unique and should be cherished, nurtured and supported. Some day, we will rule the world and it will be a better place for that.

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