Nathalie McDermott, Director, On Road Media

Nathalie McDermott, Director, On Road Media

Nathalie is a journalist who, after working for the BBC and setting up the Prison Radio Outreach Project in a London men’s prison for Media for Development, chose to start On Road Media in 2005 – a social enterprise promoting citizen journalism. On Road Media delivers social media training to marginalised groups and organisations throughout the world, enabling people to have their say online about the issues at the heart of their communities.

Amongst others, she is the founder of Social Animals Ireland – a social network where Irish charities and voluntary sector organisations are able to discuss and discover new ways of approaching social media, and Savvy Chavvy – a social network for young Gypsies and Travellers.

Nathalie’s half Irish, half Belgian and grew up in both countries. She now lives between London and Dublin.

Because I am a Girl I ask…lots of questions. When I actually was a little girl I was inquisitive to the point of annoying – but it’s important not to lose that and school girls and boys should be encouraged to challenge and ask why, more. 

Because I am a Girl I believe…that all my beliefs are up for challenge and debate…and that I don’t necessarily think and feel certain things because I am a girl.  Discuss! 

Because I am a Girl I hope…that regardless of our gender (female, male, transgender male or female) we can be afforded the same care and respect. As in nature, gender is fluid and embracing aspects of male and female within us can only be a good thing.

Because I am a Girl I wonder…whether the next generation of women will consider our generation to have been luckier or unluckier than them. I hope it is the latter. 

Because I am a Girl I dream…of all sorts of things, which is as it should be.

Because I am a Girl I remember…getting chocolate (Cadbury’s Flake) on my whiter than white communion dress and hating my satin slip-on shoes because I couldn’t run on the beach. It was all very weird. 

Because I am a Girl I like…the intimacy of my relationships with the women in my life.

Because I am a Girl I dislikelabels.  

Because I am a Girl I feel…free to express fear and anxiety as well as happiness. Boys should be encouraged to do more of this. 

Because I am a Girl I…believe that communities own solutions to their own problems and that development, internationally and at home, (outside of emergency cases) should be focussed on the removal of obstacles rather than the provision of aid.

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