Margaret E. Ward, journalist & broadcaster

Margaret E. Ward

Margaret E. Ward is a award-winning journalist, broadcaster and managing director of Clear Ink. She spent most of her print journalism career as a business columnist for The Irish Times and Editor of The Sunday Times’ Money section. Since 2010, she has focused on broadcasting and is a regular contributor to many RTE programmes including Tubridy on 2FM, The History Show, Saturday View, The Late Debate and TV3’s Tonight with Vincent Browne. She was also presenter of Newstalk’s Breakfast Business.

Margaret considers herself a practical kind of girl. In response to the lack of female voices on the airwaves, Margaret founded a seminar and networking group called “Women on Air” to give women the skills and confidence to express their expert opinions on radio and TV. She also developed a resource that makes it easy for producers and researchers to find women who will speak on different topics. “The List” of female contributors has more than 800 entries.  

Margaret is a native New Yorker, with Irish parents, and she moved to Dublin in 1995. She is married with two small children.

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Because I am a Girl I ask … how I can make things better for the world, my community, my family and within myself.

Because I am a Girl I believe…I am a force of (mother) nature.

Because I am a Girl I hope…all children, regardless of gender or geography, will have equal opportunities and choices in life.

Because I am a Girl I wonder…where all the female voices have gone from radio, TV, politics and business and how we’re going to influence social change without a seat at the leadership tables?

Because I am a Girl I dream…that one day men will have the same choices that women do to mind their children, sick or elderly friends and relatives. Everyone in our society should be a carer.

Because I am a Girl I remember…that women are fantastic cheerleaders for one another. I have been blessed with my close girlfriends and a late mother who was fierce, intelligent, loving, extremely creative and independent of spirit.

Because I am a Girl I like…my femininity, my husband, children and brave people who continue to ask “Why?” even when it’s not popular, easy or safe.

Because I am a Girl I dislike…violence – real or imagined – against anyone. Ireland, one of the biggest sex trafficking destinations in the world, is doing little to help the women and children who are brought here to be raped, exploited and enslaved. []

Because I am a Girl I feel…the Catholic Church is no place for women or children but Jesus Christ was a very cool, radical and independent thinker.

Because I am a Girl I … thank God for making me in her image.

 – Margaret E. Ward

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