Because I am a…Kiss Magazine Girl

Kiss magazine

Kiss magazine

We recently teamed up with Kiss Magazine, Ireland’s only teen magazine, and asked Kiss readers what does it mean to them to be a girl.

These are the top quotes we received from Kiss readers Aoife, Kelly, Katy, Nikki, Marie, Kim, Megan, Caoimhe and Jacqueline. We think their quotes are inspirational, uplifting and lots of fun!

Check out the lovely Kiss Magazine editor Nathalie Marquez Courtney’s guest Because I am a Girl blog from earlier this year.

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Because I am a Girl…I can be anybody I want to be without people judging me on my choices or mistakes –  Aoife Crilly

Because I am a Girl…I can play Gaelic Football, but still be the girly one in the dress, and I won’t be judged 🙂 – Kelly Murphy

Because I am a Girl…I can put on a pair of killer heels and feel like I can conquer the world 🙂 – Katy Hudson

Because I am a Girl…I can be treated as equally as a boy 🙂 – Nikki Raymond

Because I am a Girl…I reserve the right to love other girls without fear of being judged – Marie Cogan

Because I am a Girl…I don’t dwell on the past, I live in the here and now and look forward to a brighter future ♥ – Kim Michelle Quinn

Because I am a Girl…I have the strength of a man, the courage of a lion and the elegance of a swan so I can fight FOR MYSELF, I shall not be defeated 🙂 – Megan Hogan

Because I am Girl…I have the freedom to do what I want and not be judged – Caoimhe Bonehill

Because I am a Girl…I am no different from everyone else… because I am a girl I can do everything a boy can do…because I am a girl I don’t care what people think of me 😀 – Jacqueline Kelly

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