Jody Ackland, Festival & Events producer

Jody Ackland

Founding Director and Programmer of Ireland’s Festival of World Cultures (’00-’10), Jody Ackland is a freelance festival and events producer and programmer specialising in world-wide music and traditional arts. 

Originally from England, Jody has been living in Dublin for over 20 years working in the music, arts and community development sectors.  As the Company Director of World Remix, a platform developing collaborative Irish and International music projects, Jody continues to promote projects that explore global diversity and the creation of platforms that stimulate humanitarian and environmental dialogues.  A keen traveller, Jody has spent extended periods of time in India and 10 African countries; she has recently returned from a year in Paris.

Because I am  a girl, I ask…for instructions and manuals to have more diagrams.

Because I am  a girl, I believe…that no woman is the property of any man, that she has the right to free will and to love freely.

Because I am  a girl, I hope…that I am right about god not being male.

Because I am  a girl, I wonder…what it would be like to travel the world as safely as a man and to be able to have the same wonderful experiences and encounters with other cultures.

Because I am  a girl, I dream…of a day when men no longer use violence for gain or punishment.

Because I am  a girl, I remember…my school enforcing a rule that girls were not permitted to wear trousers even on the coldest winter days.

Because I am  a girl, I like…a girls night in.

Because I am  a girl, I dislike…that it is ‘less safe’ for a woman to walk home at night.

Because I am  a girl, I feel…under pressure to look younger and more attractive than I am.

Because I am  a girl, I…expect to have my cake (and his) and eat it.

– Jody Ackland

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