Emily Hourican, journalist & editor

Emily Hourican

Emily Hourican is a journalist and editor. She writes regularly for the Sunday Independent and Image magazine, and contributes to Conde Nast Traveller and Woman & Home in the UK. She edits Hospitality Ireland, a magazine for the hotel and restaurant sector, and was founding editor of The Dubliner magazine. She has three children and lives in Dublin.

Because I am a Girl I ask…for the moon, but I know how to be content with less.

Because I am a Girl I believe…I’m just as good as the boys (secretly, maybe a little bit better), but that it’s not a battle.

Because I am a Girl I hope...that I am a good role model to my daughter, and that she grows up to think feminism is cool.

Because I am a Girl (and a mother) I wonder…If boys aren’t actually the weaker sex, in need of more patience, imagination and kindness than girls. Or maybe I’m just an Irish mother…

Because I am a Girl I dream…constantly, but I also know the difference between dreams and reality, and that reality is way better.

Because I am a Girl I remember…that without parents who gave me a good education and encouraged me to think and try, I wouldn’t have had many choices at all. It’s not who you are, it’s what you’ve been taught to expect.

Because I am a Girl I like…other girls, especially the ones who are funny, sassy and smart.

Because I am a Girl I dislike…the notion that girls’ interests (gossip, clothes, Jilly Cooper) are trite, but that there’s something serious or worthy about men’s obsession with sport. Face it people, these are two sides of the same coin. Its goof-time, nothing more or less (and knowing the names of every player who ever scored for Man Utd does not make you a savant…)

Because I am a Girl I feel…lucky to have a mother who has never had a conventional thought or response in her life. She’s a hard act to follow, but an inspiration to try.

Because I am a Girl I…know the value of earning my own money and being able to make my own decisions. But I also know it’s a huge privilege to be able to do so.

– Emily Hourican

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3 Responses to Emily Hourican, journalist & editor

  1. emily Hourican says:

    Hi my name is Emily Hourican aswell. i am eleven, i have just started secondary school and one day while i was just messing on my computer – i was typing various people’s names on to google- I stumbled across this website with your blog on. You are a great inspiration to me and are my role model i just love writing aswell and at the moment i am writing lots of short animal stories with my friend (also called Emily but she is emily Morton)

  2. Karen says:

    Dear Emily I really thank you for writing that article about Cian Hallinan last week – he was an amazing guy and missed by all! I worked with him for a few years at the language school and he made us laugh so much. HE is greatly missed by many past pupils. Thank you,=

  3. Barbara Coughlan says:

    Did you ever hear of Adrienne Ring, she was an Irish model who was around in the 60’s. She died young. I am sure it would make an interesting article for you.

    Regards Barbara

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