Olivia Dempsey, Plan Ireland Volunteer

After studying Social Sciences in UCD, Olivia went travelling around East Africa and got bitten by the travelling bug. Olivia returned a different person with a whole new outlook on life and having developed a passion for the developing world, she began volunteering with Plan Ireland.

In October 2011, Olivia spent a week in Haiti just outside the capital Port au Prince, and saw firsthand the devastation that exists there two years on. The earthquake left thousands of children homeless and Olivia spent a day in a orphanage with these children, a day which left a lasting impression on her.

Originally from Kildare, Olivia now lives in Dublin. When not volunteering for Plan Ireland or the ISPCC, she enjoys socialising with friends, horse riding and boxing.


Because I am a girl I ask…that all girls be granted freedom of speech which in turn will go hand in hand with playing a key role in decision making.

Because I am a girl I believe…that every girl has the right to feel safe and secure in their own environment. The earthquake in Haiti has exacerbated the vulnerabilities of an already extremely vulnerable group.

Because I am a girl I hope…that one day all women around the world can enjoy the same freedom that women in Ireland enjoy.

Because I am girl I wonder…what it would be like for the women in Haiti if they were were treated the same as their male counterparts. Discrimination has been and still is a widespread and tolerated phenomenon in Haitian society.

Because I am a girl I dream…that one day women will be appreciated for their minds rather then used for their bodies.

Because I am a girl I remember…been patronised by my three brothers!

Because I am a girl I like…that women all over the world are part of a universal sisterhood no matter who they are or where they’re from. As a girl with five sisters I feel privileged to be part of this sisterhood.

Because I am a girl I dislike…that women feel they must succumb to social pressures such as having to look or act a certain way.

Because I am a girl I feel…confident that girls are powerful enough to rule the world!

Because I am a girl I celebrate…that the importance of girl’s rights is becoming more of a recognised issue.

– Olivia Demspey

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