Trish Fallon, 1st Option Models

A northside girl through & true, Trish Fallon’s idol has always been her big sis Jules, who, to Trish, was one of the most beautiful models/people in Ireland when she was growing up.

Jules opened the doors of 1st Option Models Management & Production in 1997 and 6 months in asked Trish to join her team. Trish was over the moon however a little overwhelmed at the beginning, it did not take her too long to get to grips with the industry.

By 2000, Trish had made a good impression on Jules and the team at 1st Option so much so that Jules handed the day to day running of the booking desk to Trish and made her a director in the company, she called it her “Millennium present”! Trish is very honoured and proud that she has found some of Irelands most recognisable models and creative team who have gone on to build their careers throughout the world.

15yrs on and Trish is still as enthused today as she was on her very first day at the agency and she looks forward to 15 more years!

Because I am a Girl I ask… Lets all pull together & mind one another

Because I am a Girl I believe… In listening to the whispers of destiny

Because I am a Girl I hope… That all my dreams will come true

Because I am a Girl I wonder… What the world will be like for my future children

Because I am a Girl I dream… For health & happiness for all my family & friends

Because I am a Girl I remember… The first time I looked at my Dad & thought WOW I really love him!

Because I am a Girl I like… A really big cuddle & being told “everything is going to be ok!”

Because I am a Girl I dislike… Bullies!

Because I am a Girl I feel… Life is for living, we are our own writers, producers & directors!

Because I am a Girl I celebrate… Life & equality for all !

– Trish Fallon

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