Rosie Hand, Dublin Institute of Technology

Rosie Hand

Rosie Hand is Programme Co-ordinator of the M.Sc. Advertising and Postgraduate Diploma in Advertising and Digital Communication at the Dublin Institute of Technology. She lectures in Marketing, Marketing Communications, Digital Communications and International Business at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Her industry experience includes areas as diverse as international marketing of textiles and luxury consumer goods; sales and marketing in commercial radio and marketing consultancy in the fields of education, financial services and eco-friendly waste management.

Rosie is currently undertaking doctoral research in the area of emerging organisational competencies in the digital space.

Because I am a Girl I ask…when will all children have equal access to education?

Because I am a Girl I believe…we all have extraordinary potential, unfortunately not all of us have been given the keys to unlock it.

Because I am a Girl I hope…that my children’s future has not been entirely jeopardised by our recent past.

Because I am a Girl I wonder…if we will ever have the courage to create an educational system capable of valuing individual learning styles.

Because I am a Girl I dream…that those responsible for  our current economic malaise understand how their actions have impacted directly on our children in terms of increased class sizes and painfully reduced educational resources.

Because I am a Girl I remember…when short shorts were in the first time around – I couldn’t wear them then either!

Because I am a Girl I like…girls’ lunches that finish well after 8pm and the interminable jokes of small children.

Because I am a Girl I dislike…the notion that a successful woman is a ballbreaker while a successful man is just doing his job.

Because I am a Girl I feel…privileged to be continuing my education – I am currently studying for my doctorate – because I am a passionate believer in life long learning.

Because I am a Girl I celebrate…all the little things that make up my lucky, lucky life, but god, do I ignore birthdays!

 – Rosie Hand

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