Kitty, blogger, Red Lemonade

Kitty ~ Red Lemonade

Kitty is a Dublin-based graphic designer and blogger, originally from Waterford. She runs her own blog, Red Lemonade, where she rambles excitedly about various bits and pieces of pop culture that catch her eye, as well as lovingly making fun of Sweet Valley High books.

She is also a contributor to popular sites such as, and Where’s Grandad? and was listed as one of the “12 New Faces for 2012” by Woman’s Way, which was very nice of them. She has a devastating weakness for bacon fries and Tanora.

Because I am a Girl I ask…that the media stop trying to pit women against each other and that advertisers stop inventing problems to make women feel bad about about themselves so they’ll buy their stupid products.

Because I am a Girl I believe…that Irish women will soon be given autonomy over their own bodies. I mean, it’s 2012 after all, come on lads.

Because I am a Girl I hope…that the day will come when women and girls all over the world will have the same rights and freedoms as their male counterparts.

Because I am a Girl I wonder…when Youth Defence will kindly disappear off the face of the earth.

Because I am a Girl I dream…of owning my own hoverboard. Tick tock, science people.

Because I am a Girl I remember…wanting to be She-Ra when I grew up.

Because I am a Girl I like…smart TV shows with wonderful and funny female characters like those in 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation and Community. And brightly coloured nail polish.

Because I am a Girl I dislike…bullying of any sort. And overuse of exclamation marks.

Because I am a Girl I feel…excited that so many women and men today are proudly identifying as feminists.

Because I am a Girl I celebrate…the fact that positive change is coming, slowly but surely, for women in Ireland and all over the world.

– Kitty

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One Response to Kitty, blogger, Red Lemonade

  1. lynda kiernan says:

    because i am a woman… i wonder why adult women still are referred to as girls.

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